Some locations are so remote that they present what used to be impenetrable barriers to high end productions. Luckily, AMV carry-packs offer a full suite of state-of-the-art tools, comparable to any of our high end production mobile units.

Also referred to as "fly-packs", the carry-pack system is built as a modular platform which easily quickly breaks down into manageable road cases. AMV engineers have gone so far as to design even the system’s furniture, insuring that no detail has been forgotten. We’ll make you feel so at home, don’t be surprised if your staff starts calling our system, "the truck!"

Whether your programming is a network morning talk show going "live" from a cruise ship at sea or a beauty pageant originating from Bangkok Thailand or Nha Trang Vietnam, or sixty camera coverage of the first Indycar race ever in HD, carry-pack systems are just at home producing great TV from the Amazon rain forests of Ecuador as the jungle of Hollywood & Vine.