DM2000 Digital Audio

The Perfect Audio Companion

The DM2000 Digital Audio Carrypack is completely digital, made for fast set-ups and strikes and most importantly cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are “going live to air” or tracking a band for re-mix at an audio post facility, our DM2000 Digital Audio Carrypack will deliver great audio while not breaking the bank. At the heart of the system is our “case becomes furniture” quick set-up/strike design containing a powerful 96 input Yamaha DM2000VCM, digital audio mixer. AMV’s cutting edge version includes VCM (“vintage analog compression” and EQ) and other digital plug-in effects as standard.

A “small configuration” includes 24 mic level inputs plus 24 line level inputs, 32 analog outputs plus the main stereo bus. Optional Tascam X48 or ProTools audio multi-track recorders are fed digitally on a MADI stream sending 48 tracks from the console to the hard drive based multi-track recorders and returning 48 tracks for monitoring at the desk.

If the second set of 24 console inputs need to be at mic level, high quality Aphex Systems 1788 pre-amps can be supplied (optionally, in our "large configuration").

Other included equipment includes four 17” LCD VGA HD video monitors typically providing monitoring of multi-track recorders, video-program and camera repeats (via the Miranda Kaliedo Alto from our video carrypack), and audio phase metering. A pair of DYNaudio BM12a audio studio monitors and twenty patchable analog audio distribution amplifiers round out the configuration.

All connectivity between the DM2000 bench and our I/O racks is via two W4 MASS-58 cables. Cabling to the I/O rack from the outside world is on standard DT12 connectors. This translates into fast repeatable set-ups. 

Digital audio multi-track recording is accomplished via (optional) Tascam X-48 or ProTools multit-rack recorders. Other recording devices are available optionally.

AMV also offers (optionally) stage and audience mic packages, wireless mics, splitter systems, fiber optics, wireless PL and IFB.

The Perfect audio companion to AMV's HD Tapeless System.